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mint chocolate ♥

Hey everyone! My name is Ashlee Tat. I'm 16 and I live in Canada. My name is originally spelled with a Y and not double E.But I just like it so much better this way I'm born on May 23rd, a gemini. I'm about 160cm tall...pretty short compare to a lot of people. Haven't grown for a while... but I do believe that I'm still...SLOWLY growing. Enough of that and let's go on to my fandoms...
my top THREE favourite groups (including my biases from that group) are:
2AM-Jo Kwon, 2PM-Taecyeon & Nickhun, Super Junior-Eunhyuk
I also like Brown Eyed Girls,CN Blue,Danson Tang, Fahrenheit, F(x), IU, Jay Park, Lee Minho,Lollipop, Miss A, SS501, U-KISS, Wonder Girls
I love watching asian dramas. I watch Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong dramas! I hope to be friends with you all so check out the links over there << and friend/follow me :D. But before, you ADD ME, please leave an introduction about yourself on my friends only post
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